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Give Art, Art Gives

Give Art, Art Gives

It feels good to give back during the holidays. Actually, no—it feels GREAT. Throughout the Season of Giving, Threadless and our amazing artist community are taking that warm, fuzzy feeling you love and multiplying it by three. Each time you buy gifts from this collection of apparel, accessories, and home decor, you’re giving back to…

Loved Ones – Art makes an incredible gift, and these specially made, artist-crafted designs will bring joy to the people you care about most. They’ll also help you keep your reputation as the best gift-giver among your friends and family!

Artists – Each design in this collection, like anything you buy at Threadless, directly supports the artist who created it. Help them continue doing what they love: making stellar art for YOU.

Communities – Through Threadless Causes, participating artists opted to donate at least 50% of their proceeds from this collection to Causes and charities of their choice. Threadless also matches donations up to 100K for each Cause, which range from Humanitarian Aid to Mental Health Awareness. Join us in our fundraising efforts!

As the season continues, Threadless will keep updating this shop with more designs by incredible artists from our community. Let’s spread warmth and “OMG where’d you get this?” moments with gifts that help make a difference in people’s lives. And let’s feel damn good doing it!